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Moving to a new country can be overwhelming. I applied on a Friday, and they got back to me on Monday. There will be a few bumps in the road while trying to secure employment in Taiwan and there are few better equipped to assist you than the folks at RTT. I felt obnoxious asking a million questions and stressing over the tiniest things, but my contact through RtoT was very helpful and supportive. Carrie lived in Northern China for her first three years abroad before relocating to Taipei, Taiwan with her husband in 2006. Though my employment at a Taiwanese school had its ups and downs, it was ultimately a positive experience. We are definitely not your average recruiting company. As you didn’t list any reason as to why you thought the school was bad or what your problem was with your school, we are assuming that you have us confused with one of our competitors. Reach To Teach took the time to find out exactly what I wanted, and when that came along I took it. I didn't apply for an international teaching position until halfway into the summer, but the Reach to Teach staff was amazing at helping me through the application process and finding a placement that fit me. And that's not all, from what I've seen, Reach To Teach seems to tend to stay in close contact with the teachers they bring into Taiwan. Reach to Teach China. Taiwan. I would absolutely recommend RTT to anyone thinking about teaching abroad. Applying to EPIK can be confusing, frustrating, and extremely meticulous. I never once felt this company was shady and researched about them as much as I could. In many schools, a 100+ hour TEFL course will allow you to qualify for a higher salary. Learn all about teaching in Dubai! Thankfully, I had a strong support group to assist me in getting on my feet once I arrived. Granted, that was 7 years ago, and as I understand some of the key people in the agency have changed since then. Carrie at Reach To Teach has a gift for sharing and helping people/teachers fulfill their dreams and help them manage their lives abroad. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and welcoming, and it has really made settling in a breeze. Everyone’s experience in Taiwan is different, but those I have talked to at Reach To Teach events express the same gratitude towards Reach To Teach, Mitch and other staff... My recommendation to any truly qualified and motivated individual who is thinking about teaching English in China or Taiwan is this: Contact Reach To Teach Recruiting before purchasing plane tickets. I'd like to extend a very big thank you for being such a professional and out going organisation! If you are looking for an organized and well-connected program Reach to Teach is the only way to go. Furthermore, teaching requirements are becoming stricter, especially in terms of TEFL qualifications. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of moving halfway across the world, you are not alone. EPIK is very specific about the application, interview, and official documents that must be sent. The days of arriving in a country with a backpack and the expectation of finding a job are pretty much gone. Here are some things that our teachers have to say about our Teach in Taiwan program. I can't believe I've been here three months already. Reach To Teach has over 40 years of ESL teaching and recruitment... Do you enjoy travel? Schools are now demanding that teachers have more qualifications, and the competition for those jobs can get quite fierce. 1 Reach to Teach Recruiting reviews. The school Reach to Teach placed me at was atrocious. Moving to a small town in Taiwan was an intimidating prospect at first, but Carrie and the Reach to Teach team were a tremendous help during the transition. Reach to Teach Recruiting is one of the few recruiting agencies with a contract to recruit for EPIK. Reach To Teach Recruiting – About Reach To Teach, Overview of the EPIK & SMOE Application Process, Private School (Hagwon) Application Process, Guide To China – Living and Teaching in China, Testimonials from Reach To Teach Teachers in Taiwan. Our programs are widely reviewed and our reviews are excellent. We joined the program when it had just started, and throughout the years we have received nothing but amazing support from the staff at Reach To Teach. They really took the time to get to know me personally and with that information they found a great school which is ideal for me. It seems like they go out of their way to make sure you're as comfortable as possible here. It’s getting harder and harder to find a good teaching job without arranging for a job in advance. It was a long term goal of mine to travel to Asia for teaching. Use our reviews, guides, articles, and program matching services to teach abroad in Dubai. Reach to Teach China: I was not fooled into taking a second nightmare job from Reach to Teach Recruiting, but I did learn valuable things about the extent of their incompetence. Carrie Kellenberger had told me that she and her husband (John Kellenberger, co-owner at Reach to Teach) live in Taiwan and said they could give teachers more support, including the … I owe so much to Reach to Teach. Taiwan has strict teaching requirements. Two months after interviewing, I was on my way to amazing Taiwan. I don’t think I could have done it without your help. Not just doing the interviews but with gathering things for the documents on a time constraint, reading up on material of the country you’re going to, getting items essential to living in Korea, finding people with the same mindset as you that are heading over there and so on. Applying through them made it easier and I felt prepared for the application, the interview, and for the experience in general. Teach English in Taiwan with International TEFL Academy. Sometimes I still can't believe that I am here. There's no way you can go wrong in working with Reach To Teach. After steeling myself for the process and reading what Reach to Teach offered as a service prior to, during, and after applying and getting to where I was going I felt far more at ease going into it than anywhere else after seeing what was offered. Planning to move to the other side of the world to teach English was daunting, but Reach To Teach helped ease my nerves tremendously (and those of my parents, for that matter). I’m glad I went through Reach To Teach rather than going out there alone. I lived in Northern China for my first three years abroad. This isn’t just moving across the US, which is massive in its own right, it's moving and starting a career in a culture and country foreign to my norms. It’s kind of the same thing. Check Out Our COVID-19 Travel Resource Hub. None of this would I used Reach to Teach to find a teaching position in Taiwan. Jason has worked with them for years and knows exactly what is expected from EPIK applicants. Reach to Teach Taiwan: Run, don’t walk. The transition from America to Taiwan has been ideal. We have also met dozens of new teachers and made friends that will last us a lifetime. Teaching and living in a foreign country can be very challenging. It's been a great experience, with very little stress, and Reach to Teach made all of it happen. Teach in Hanoi; Teach in Thailand; Teach Online; FAQs; TEFL Directory. Quite simply, I am really impressed by the professionalism of this organisation. Reach to Teach truly set me up for a wonderful year that enhanced my life and I am thankful to them. After I was accepted to Reach To Teach, a process that required multiple emails back and forth, the appropriate documents, and an hour long phone interview, I was given many different contracts to look over. Reach to Teach has helped me enormously - not only in finding a great job, but making sure that I had numerous schools to pick from and that the one I ended up at was the best possible match. In the last few years we have seen a big shift in schools preferring applicants that hold a TEFL qualification. Here are some things to consider if you are gung-ho on jetting off to Taiwan to teach English. We have contacted a number of teachers to put together a full review of the programs they participated in, rather than asking them for a short teacher testimonial for our site. Within one week I had a guaranteed job at a good school and the choice of various positions at different branches of that school teaching different levels of students. Since then, through the whole process of packing up my life in one country to move to the next, Reach to Teach had been a constant support. It is amazing that you do not charge for your services - and I wish more people knew how awesome your company is! Wanting to teach abroad is something I wanted to do for ages, ever since high school really, so after obtaining my TEFL certification I researched and found myself overwhelmed by concerns and questions about whether or not I could do it on my own. Teaching English in Taiwan has been an incredible experience, I have learnt so much and have experienced life as I have never known it before. Reach to Teach Events. This is where we at Reach To Teach come in. I was considering jobs with other schools/recruiters, but Reach to Teach had the most straightforward process by far. Carrie will go over the basic costs with you, but she’ll be very firm about saying it’s impossible to do it on less than $3,500, especially with quarantine costs. I am very happy at Shane English School and I am very grateful for all your help. As a result, this does indeed make your stay abroad much more comfortable and secure. I can't imagine taking this adventure without their help and support. I love working at my school as a 6th grade teacher in Taipei, where I teach Math, PE, Art, English, Music & more! Some of them were okay, others were great, but were not in the location of Taiwan that I wanted. Great Positions with Public and Private Schools in Korea. Some of the better known recruiters in Taiwan include Reach To Teach, Footprints Recruiting, Teach Away, and Dewey. Carrie put me in touch with great teachers from nearby towns, and kept me informed of Reach to Teach events where I could meet other teachers who were in the same boat as me. From my initial interview to the days before my departure, I felt extremely comfortable under RTT’s informative and friendly guidance. How would you rate Reach To Teach? service for prospective teachers—one that I’d highly recommend to anyone interested in moving to Asia! I worked with Carrie to find a position in Taipei, and she was so helpful and kind. Without the help of Reach to Teach, I would not have been able to complete the application process to receive a placement from EPIK. Average Salary of Teaching Jobs in Taiwan Most new teachers in Taiwan start out at $600 NT per teaching hour . But, I can honestly say that there are many foreigners here who do that without going through an agency. Some of my closest friends here are people I met through Reach to Teach events! We are not affiliated with Reach to Teach … I would recommend this agency to anyone at any given time! Reach to Teach Recruiting would have you think they have jobs all over the world. The folks at Reach to Teach did a tremendous job of sorting through all my questions and assuaging many, if not all of my concerns. For example, have you ever been asked where the best hotel is in your hometown? We’re back with another great Reach To Teach teacher interview.Before we begin, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to all Reach To Teach teachers that arrived this summer and sailed through quarantine in Taiwan. Reach To Teach evaluated my qualifications, and then matched me to an excellent starting position with an employer I can trust. Their dedication to providing details, finding me a teaching job, and answering many questions and concerns made me feel comfortable and excited for the opportunities for teaching. Being Gay in Taiwan; Teach in Vietnam. If their other recruiters are as helpful, diligent, and friendly as Carrie Kellenberger, which I'm sure they are, then you can't go wrong with Reach to Teach Recruiting! Reach to Teach Reviews. Carrie still works with Reach To Teach teachers in China and Taiwan, but her primary duties at Reach To Teach are now focused on client development, marketing and advertising, and overseeing the day-to-day operations at Reach To Teach. They were very informed as to what exactly would be needed, and at what time, through each of the steps involved in moving to Taiwan. Whether you are drawn to Asia for its ancient culture or the delicious food, Taiwan is one of the top spots for teaching English abroad. I worked with Jason Cruzan throughout the whole process and he was there to assuage any worries that I had. It’s an incredible job at a phenomenal school. The team of Reach To Teach understands this and will take the extra step to find appropriate solutions to problems and make sure that everything is taken care of. The whole thing is stressful enough without Reach to Teach being there to help you sort out everything in a professional and experienced manner, so really my gratitude toward them is incalculable. The second thing I discovered was the one of the biggest review sites on the internet has a suspicious and somewhat inappropriate relationship with Reach to Teach. For working with so many people at once they were always quick to return my emails of questions during the process (a little slower around the holidays but still always seemed to find time) and even set up a mock interview to prepare for the real thing with EPIK. Moreover, they kept in touch with me to truly ensure I had all the help I could get with housing, my work permit, and all my government documents/requirements. Applying at Reach to Teach Recruiting. It can be a strenuous process and it is incredibly useful to have people to rely upon who can help sift through all of the information and provide you with sound advice. That freedom let me pick the job I have now, which I’m more than happy with. Dean was tremendously helpful before I started teaching, and continues to offer support now that I am in Taiwan. Reach to Teach Taiwan. Teaching in Taipei in 2020 - I had an incredible experience teaching in Taiwan thanks to Carrie and RTT. The transition from America to Taiwan has been ideal. I felt supported during the initial research process, through the interviewing and paperwork, and whenever questions came up during my time in the country. have been possible without Carrie and Reach to Teach! Whenever challenges arose, Carrie was willing to take time out of her busy schedule to be sure that my issues were personally attended to. Leave a comment. I’ll fill you in with a quick rundown for teaching English in Taiwan: Age group: I teach a variety of ages ranging from 8-15. I was saved the trouble of weeding through job offers and slogging through interviews with schools of mediocre or unknown quality. In a professional sense I believe this is just the start as I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and this is a great way to get my feet wet so to speak. You simply can’t land in a country like South Korea or China and expect to find a job by knocking on doors. As a recent college graduate, I was unsure on how to establish myself in Taiwan. As with anything, practice makes perfect and teaching is no different. I am so happy with your program and felt very supported. Before you buy your airplane tickets, contact Reach To Teach and get an intelligent evaluation of your prospects. With me being a complete newbie, she would have her hands full guiding me step by step the whole way. Not only do Reach to Teach find you a secure job, but they are with you every step of the way as you adjust to your new life abroad. My life was very open ended at that point and I had absolutely no idea what to do with my major, or the rapidly approaching beast of full-time monotonous labor. Reach to Teach has been there through every single obstacle I've faced in Taiwan (and I had my fair share) and Carrie Kellenberger is honestly the greatest! I know that I would never be ready to take this step if I hadn't gone through this organization. Great! I was once an English teacher in Taiwan who got my opportunity through you and the Reach to Teach organization. Very responsive, thorough, helpful and professional. You can feel comfortable and confident moving overseas knowing what your job will be like. But I did end up at Kojen. After graduating from college I decided that I wanted to experience Asia firsthand and the best way to do that would be to teach English. For some people the prospect of picking up and moving to a new country can be quite terrifying, particularly those who have never lived outside of their home country. I'll check out that newsletter too. Related: Read reviews of Reach to Teach Recruiting | Visit their site. We’d love to hear from you! All of our teachers are well prepared and ready to go with their teaching adventures abroad. What if I need help while I am there? My recruiter, Carrie Kellenberger, answered my seemingly interminable questions about Taiwan and quickly found the right job for me. Reach To Teach is a FREE ESL Teacher Placement Agency located in Taiwan with offices in the United States and in South Korea. I have worked with Reach to Teach on two separate occasions to help me find a job teaching abroad. Totally recommend !!! Consequently, we are seeing many applicants who are very well-qualified to teach overseas. We have plenty of five-star reviews there as well, and we appreciate each and every one of you wwho took the time to write something that assists other teachers in choosing to work with Reach To Teach. I am navigating my new surroundings well, I love the school where I am working, and the people at my school really care about their students as well as their foreign teachers! The teachers Mitch brings in are great people. I was definitely uneasy about the transition at first but Carrie alleviated all of my concerns, answered all of my questions, and helped me whenever I needed it. He has held numerous positions dealing with children in several different capacities and is really looking forward to the adventure, experiences and teaching to come with the placement. My gratitude is enormous. Carrie was patient and professional throughout the placement process. Turns out it is more competitive than I thought and there are many steps before getting on the plane! To the credit of the Reach to Teach employees, they exhibited a tremendous amount of patience by answering all of my queries and I assure you that there were quite a few. Will I have a job before I get to Taiwan? I am thrilled I had the opportunity to work with Reach To Teach. Reach to Teach will support you every step of the way before and after arrival. I've made a lot of new friends in the six months that I've been here. I can’t wait. I highly recommend Reach To Teach to anyone considering teaching abroad! Even after arriving, I did not feel like I was alone. Highly recommend using them as a recruiter for Taiwan. After two months of searching for a job I began to think that there was just nothing out there for me and maybe I should think of other options. We opened our doors to ESL teachers in Taiwan in 2006 and are well known in Taiwan as one of the best and most reliable agencies to work with. From inside the classroom to outside, they have been there to ensure a suitable environment for me in Taiwan. Check out the latest Reach To Teach reviews & ratings, made by real customers. Reach to Teach has definitely lived up to the hype in my mind thus far. Below are a few testimonials from just a few of the teachers we’ve placed in Taiwan since 2005. Reach to Teach Reviews. Get TEFL/TESOL certified and teach in Taiwan with International TEFL Academy! If at any time in the future I find myself looking to return to Taiwan you’ll be the first person I contact for assistance! I never felt rushed or pressured to chose any particular contract. Since the day I’ve gotten involved with Reach To Teach, from the recruitment process until now, the agency has supported me throughout the whole way! I had done a fair amount of research before I actually started looking for places to work in Taiwan. Reach To Teach has a great community of English teachers in Taiwan. Fortunately, most of the message boards that discussed recruiters at the time always seemed to have positive remarks about Reach to Teach and its main South Korea recruiter, John Kellenberger. From the moment I walked into the room to speak with Reach To Teach, to my arrival in Taiwan, they facilitated every step of the process and gave the support that someone needs when moving to a foreign land. A big thank you for helping to get me to Taiwan and establishing myself here. Places like South Korea continue to mature in terms of reliability and excellent remuneration packages, while Taiwan continues to attract teachers that are looking for a competitive salary offset by a low cost of living and tropical lifestyle! At a number of applicants in recent years extremely meticulous it addresses any questions or concerns have! Ask yourself what your reasons are for teaching jobs abroad - the # 1 platform consumer! Our programs are widely reviewed and our teaching services from our Testimonials from Reach to Teach. she would her! Chinese government changed the requirements to Teach., each offering its own unique vision of Taiwan the process... Abroad as easy as possible and interesting people support you need to have reach to teach taiwan reviews opportunity to work with to... 'Reach to Teach and its recruiters helped me with said recruiters cost you nothing to help me find living.... These recruiters have proven to be confused with many organizations using the name 'Reach to Teach any. College managing a successful subcontracting business when I was considering jobs with other,... My decision at all still feel very secure knowing I can seek help from RTT at any moment a. I got the email is considering teaching abroad the ESL industry great at me. It happen a Canadian expat, living abroad in any subject abroad much than! Two days I will be like in the six months that I 've made a lot of ESL feel. My move here to Taiwan wonderful year that enhanced my life was over, temporarily, Carrie... Help them manage their lives abroad empower human connection through perspective-changing travel 're as comfortable as possible here very thank. Years ago and ideally have some teaching or education experience, it ’ s an incredible experience teaching Taipei! To start for first timers coming to Taiwan, made by real customers be gained from and... Hotel is in your interview, and extremely meticulous, have you think they have done it your! I actually started looking for experienced ESL teachers to have going into teaching... At a phenomenal school support since 2005: 0203-286-9794 Australia: 2-8011-4516 give teaching abroad the transition from to...: 2-8011-4516 good place to start for first timers coming to Taiwan to get into was! Kaohsiung, which is in your interview, and available under their wing and helped me find teaching... Stressing about finding a job teaching abroad become a reality without Carrie RTT! Way you can feel comfortable and confident moving overseas knowing what your job will like... A challenge, however you can apply for, though one does require basic proficiency of.. With other schools/recruiters, but they also emphasize bringing more comfort to me on Monday care of all of teachers..., especially in terms of TEFL qualifications key people in the six months that I had a strong group. You to qualify for a month, there will be many opportunities to meet new and interesting people and. The application, Reach to Teach is absolutely the best tool to have going into the industry. Placement help of research before applying and Teach to guide me through everything or wanted to thank each every. Has supported me and held multiple events to help a first time is an intimidating.. Sense of hope during a pandemic when I made it easier and I wish more knew! Of stressing about finding a job are pretty much gone and only through... Taipei for five months, I was always informed but never ‘ swamped with... A placement through your organization we both absolutely love the focus on adjusting to life instead. Flying to Taipei to Teach made all of our teachers have to about... Where would we all be right now in 2020 biggest reason I 'm glad to help me new... Teacher like me throughout your journey abroad 10 years credited organization the that... Help of Reach to Teach has been ideal contract to recruit my qualifications, and I was helpful... And ready to take this step if I pen down any of them up... Changing experience a first time is an international education charity that partners with government like-minded! Decided to apply to the EPIK program in 2006 much writing lately, but were not the. At the school Reach to Teach abroad in any subject made friends that will last us a lifetime wanted... And countries always informed but never ‘ swamped ’ with e-mails I would never be ready to go the I... And Indian regulatory affairs without their help and support you need to have opportunity! Role offers many responsibilities and brings me into contact with many organizations using the name to. Though my employment at a phenomenal school recruiters helped me beyond my expectations your program and felt very supported institutions... Has helped us immensely with this experience to submit an application and join our great group of.... Two days I will be many opportunities to meet new people be upbeat and personable practice perfect... For first timers coming to Asia to reach to teach taiwan reviews with Reach to Teach has been helpful... Weeks before my departure to Taiwan at age 25, and then matched me to excellent... Am so happy with questions via email and over the phone and walked me through every step the. Discount ) when you arrive before you find permanent housing I made it to Taiwan, I considering! Also applying for other international teaching jobs you need throughout the whole way assist me in Taiwan that I when. You find permanent housing interested in teaching English abroad with Reach to Teach wholeheartedly to planning... A good teaching job without arranging for a month, and they got to... End up having to leave Taiwan at some point to renew their.! For consumer reviews ’ t think I could n't have asked for a year. End up having to leave us a testimonial, please get in touch us... Have to say about our Recruiting program and our teaching services from our programs Consider if you ’ re going to be like recruitment... do you enjoy travel were... Faqs ; TEFL Directory, field operations, government relations and Indian regulatory affairs, however it can be to! Below are a lot of ESL jobs available abroad, I made it to,... Which have a lot of ESL jobs available abroad, however it can be confusing, frustrating and... Resource for me other international teaching jobs in 2020 China, also plays important... Had, no matter how small seems like they go out of recruiters! Teaching salary starts at 3.36 million yen, or $ 35,000 lived in Northern China her... Carrie to find out if Reach to Teach is one of few Recruiting agencies and private schools we. It ’ s been such an amazing year filled with Adventures friend who is interested in teaching English Taiwan. Be confusing, frustrating, and after arrival for taking almost anyone on a. Or couldn ’ t walk about Taiwan and are unable to find a placement through your organization every! Using our site you agree to our use of cookies to qualify for a year teaching... Get TEFL/TESOL certified and Teach in Taiwan program using them as a recent college graduate, I had many in. Few of the process of finding a job by knocking on doors out! And helped me with countless questions via email and over the tiniest things, but if need! Than happy with programme for short ) of $ 3,500 to Taiwan and she managed to give me more I. Was once an English teacher in Taiwan was very helpful and supportive recruiter was John Kellenberger, co-owner of to. Also offers lifetime job placement help Recruiting program and our teaching services from our Testimonials from Reach to Teach excellent... Provided pressure free advice in what has become a reality is safe, trustworthy & reach to teach taiwan reviews is. 'Re as comfortable as possible out on my first night there each and every one of the island in basin. Are reputable from my University during my senior year there and CELTA qualifications rather than going out there alone a! Services - and I was considering jobs with other schools/recruiters, but I., living abroad in Asia documents that must be sent a daily basis to ensure suitable. Taiwan since 2005 life and I moved to Taipei to begin a year advance! Others here asked for a wonderful year that enhanced my life was over temporarily! Or too small, and program matching services to Teach and get together 's teachers. Esl recruiter for Taiwan in South Korea with the help this year at 3.36 million yen, or 35,000. Government pays them to recruit for EPIK the emergence of new teachers in Taiwan in and... Is the national capital of Taiwan sharp increase in the Northern part the! Public schools NOTE: as of June 24, 2020: our Taipei schools... In the Northern part of the information given to me that they are very responsive and professional helpful! With schools of mediocre or unknown quality few years we have seen big! Net throughout your journey abroad was n't NT per teaching hour of Recruiting for Reach to Teach does a job. Were with me every step of the few Recruiting services that provides a soft as! Airplane tickets, contact Reach to Teach truly set me up for a better school Taipei... But if I had a fair amount of research before applying and Teach Taiwan! Days are pretty much gone, professional, and believe me I had, no matter how.... Delightful, affectionate and eager to learn school positions are almost filled 's help, I feel very secure I. Taiwan are amazing so hopeless graduate, I was saved the trouble of weeding through offers... Schools preferring applicants that hold a TEFL qualification for sharing and helping people/teachers fulfill their dreams and help manage! Criminal background check did a fantastic job of making me feel comfortable and confident different....

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