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The flag of France, also known as the French Tricolour or simply the Tricolour, consists of three vertical stripes of blue, white and red.The blue-white-red tricolour in the flag represents freedom, which resulted from the French revolution in the late 18th century. Updated 07/21/19. A baccalauréat or foreign equivalent guarantees access to a publicly funded university, although the very best students take another one or two years of private studies, preparatory classes, or prépas, so they can sit for an entrance exam (concours) into the handful of prestigious schools known collectively as les grandes écoles for engineering, business, and politics or administrative studies. Since the German grading system might be quite different from the grading system universities in your home country apply, your grades must be converted to the German grading system first. French schools: local, private, bilingual and international schools, check school term dates and school holidays. However, there isn’t the same negative stigma with repeating as in English-speaking countries; some 30% of students may repeat at least once in their schooling life. 'I' grades must be changed to a permanent notation or grade within a maximum of one year. A short description of the commonly used coin grades. Here we explain all the important rules in a brief and straight-forward way. The system for grading traditionally protected climbs in BMC guides is the traditional, two-part British grade, a combination of the adjectival and technical grades. These services, as well as la cantine, must be signed up for separately and fees are often means-tested. There are British and American sections as well as a number of others, where additional subjects are taught and examined in the relevant language to a level comparable to the equivalent exam in the home country (for example, A levels in the UK, or AP in the USA). Schools are mixed-sex and secular. The descriptors apply to groups of subjects but substantial similarity exists across sets of group grade descriptors. Sitting for the tests can be a nail-biting experience and many students may add a series of practice tests to their regular studies during the final two years. Most students in France attend local schools, which are free. This is always a problem for my students. Middle school is also referred as “le premier cycle des études secondaires”. Although French education is compulsory for children between six and 16, many children enter preschool at the age of three. Good luck with your studies and remember, repetition is the key! For each grade, qualities of a typical performance are given. Elementary school in French is “l’école primaire”, or “le primaire” and it is compulsory in France. Your child must enroll by the June prior to the September start of the school year. Grade descriptors consist of characteristics of performance at each grade. 3 – How to Say Elementary School in French? Academic pupils move onto a lycée général or lycée technique, while less academic go to a lycée professionnel. Kids usually attend Middle school in France from age 11 to 16. This guide to education in France, from primary school to higher education, will help you enroll your child into the French education system. If you are enrolling your child in a public school for the first time, contact the service des écoles at your local mairie or arrondissement. If they decide that standards are inadequate then you may be ordered to send your child to school. Includes dialog, study guide and full transcript + translations. You’ll need your child’s birth certificate, proof of residence and an up-to-date vaccination certificate. Cours élémentaire 2e année ou CE2 (8 ans) = 3rd grade (Year 4 UK). Kids attending middle school are called “un collégien, une collégienne”. 5 – What is the French Word for Middle School? However, many complain that the testing level has decreased and is one reason why many students fail their first year of university, although ministers and civil servants disagree. French schools teach modern foreign languages, such as German or Spanish, as part of the curriculum. To your keyboards! It starts with “le collège” – Middle School. Have a cookie To find out more or download an application form, contact Caisses D’Allocation Familiales (CAF). High school in France is sometimes referred to as “le second cycle des études secondaires”. If you’re living in France, your child may join the French education system, which has a high standard. La sixième (11 ans) = 6th grade (Year 7 UK). Since 1890, the French baccalauréat exam, required to receive a high school diploma, has traditionally scored students on a scale (Barème) of 0-20, as do most secondary school and university classes. Students must get 10 marks out of 20 to pass; 12 for a Mention Assez Bien, 14 for a Mention Bien, and 16+ for a Mention Très Bien. Another two years of study are necessary if a student is to sit the baccalauréat exam. Experience how different and efficient our method is. I post new articles every week, so make sure you subscribe to the French Today newsletter – or follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. La grande section de maternelle ou GS (5 ans) = Kindergarden (Year 1 UK) La petite section de maternelle ou PS (3 ans) = Nursery. La moyenne section de maternelle ou MS (4 ans) = Pre-K (Reception UK), La grande section de maternelle ou GS (5 ans) = Kindergarden (Year 1 UK). This means that in France, kids 6 and up must go to school. The world is full of different grading systems making it tricky for international students to understand quickly which programs they may be eligible for. However, in recent years some bemoan a perceived slip in French education, and according to the latest OECD/PISA world rankings (2012), France dropped three places for educational standards for 15 ye… La quatrième (13 ans) = 8th grade (Year 9 UK). The curriculum aims to prepare children for primary school, and includes reading, writing, numeracy and sometimes even a foreign language. The age indicated in this article is the minimum age you are supposed to be when entering that grade. Should a student obtain a score between Many schools have a fee-based childcare system, service de puériculture, available before and after school and during vacations. You may change your settings at any time. The school year starts at the beginning of September. Although the traditional scale stops at 20/20, French baccalauréat results can be higher than 20/20 due to supplementary "options". Standard & Poor's credit rating for France stands at AA with stable outlook. If your child is arriving from outside France and is entering collège or lycée for the first time, you will need to contact the educational district’s administrative head or education authority (inspection académique, service de la division des élèves, or rectorat) in your area. For more information about different types of school in France, see Expatica’s guide on how to choose a school in France. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. The S bac is the toughest. French schools have long holidays: a two-month summer holiday starting in July, two or three weeks at Christmas and Easter, as well as half-term breaks. Most of my audiobooks are recorded at several speeds to help you conquer the modern French language. The French grading system In France, students' academic performance is evaluated according to the grade point scale as explained below: In general, grades above 16 are rarely awarded. The grade is an overall measure of how hard the route is. “J’adore ma classe/mon cours de français”, L’université, la faculté (la fac) = college, Un écolier, une écolière = elementary school child, Le maître, la maîtresse = elementary school teacher, Un collégien, une collégienne = middle school child, Un professeur = teacher – always masculine, Un prof, une prof = teacher, common slang, Un lycéen, une lycéenne = high school child, Les vacances – always plural in French – vacation, La rentrée (des classes/ scolaire) – 1st day back to school. Students have homework most evenings – older pupils can have two or more hours every day. Get Started for Free Fleur de Coin (FDC) A perfect or virtually perfect coin. However, the French government published reforms in 2015 that would allow schools to set 20% of the curriculum themselves. After nursery school or kindergarten (école maternelle), which is optional, the French compulsory education system has three stages or cycles: Preschools or nursery schools – écoles maternelles – provide care for children from two and three years old until they are six. Below is an outline of the French education system – including nursery, primary, secondary and university education in France – plus an introduction to the French educational philosophy. There are two breaks (récré) and at least an hour and a half for lunch. Just like in English, French conjugates its verbs in many different tenses. Here are the different French preschool grades: Read my thoughts about switching from an American to a French preschool system. In 2015, the French government is proposing controversial educational reforms to the collége system (middle school for ages 11–15), to make it less elitist and give all pupils, whatever their background, the same educational opportunities. The lessons in most French schools will be taught in French. Available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. You have to make an annual declaration at your local mairie and at the rectorat (school inspectorate). La cinquième (12 ans) = 7th grade (Year 8 UK). Of course, it’s a bit flexible: Leyla is from November, so we had a choice: she could have been one of the youngest or one of the oldest in her class. There are annual inspections by the schools inspector, and every two years by the mairie. Un bureau – desk (un pupitre is quite old-fashioned). You can of course change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time, by returning to this site after clearing the cookies on your computer or device. Saying “French class” is an idiom in English. The provided exercises give you the opportunity to immediately practise what you’ve learned so you can remember it better. It’s not just slang. We conjugate the imperative in the 2 nd person singular using the present-tense form of the 1 st person singular. No Contact- or other Detracting Marks visible with the naked eye, and only minute superficial imperfections, relating to the manufacturing process rather than any other cause, may be visible under magnification. La seconde (15 ans) = 10th grade (Year 11 UK). So translating word by word and saying: “une classe française” is a mistake. While the majority of schools are state-run (ecoles publiques), there are also private schools under contract (sous contrat) to the French government, whereby the government pays the teachers’ salaries, the school follows the national curriculum, and fees are reasonably low. French Grammar FLE exercises. With a final grade average of 10/20 or more, the Baccalauréat diploma is awarded; with a grade average of more than 10/20, an additional mention (level of distinction) is given: assez bien (12/20), bien (14/20), très bien (16/20). They’re an excellent way for young children of expat parents to learn French quickly and easily. The general bac consists of the L series (literary studies), ES series (economic and social studies) or S series (sciences). l’APEL – association des parents d’élèves (parent association), Se faire coller – to be sent to detention, Les fournitures scolaires (f) – school supplies, Une copie double – I don’t know how to say that in English… it’s 2 pieces of paper together, so 4 sides total – we use them for exams, Un crayon (à papier / de couleur) – pencil / color pencil, Un stylo, un bic (say the c) – a ball-point pen. State education is free for French citizens and others who have proof of residence. Expatica uses technology such as cookies and scripts to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. So here are a few possible translations to talk about your French class: In any case, to say “French” for a class, it’s “de français“, never “français/française”, which is my point :-). Phil Chavanne. The calendar year of a child’s birth determines their grade; all children born between 1 January and 31 December of a particular year are in the same grade. Studies in France are compulsory until you reach 16 years old, but they can be in school or in some kind of study/apprentice program. Around 64% of students complete their secondary education by taking the baccalauréat (le bac) or the baccalauréat professionnel (le bac prof) exams. The last three years of secondary education – from 15 to 18 years old – are spent at a lycée general, a lycée technique or a lycée professionnel. German grades compared to British and American grades In order to be given a place at a German university your grades you have taken during previous education will play a significant role. There are also private schools (ecoles prives) that are fully independent (hors contrat), some of which are international schools. Tripsavvy's Editorial Guidelines. Your child’s academic level and grades dictate which specialist streams they follow in their final years in the French school system. Students can return home for lunch or stay and eat in the school cantine. Scoring under 10 may mean repeating the year. Here’s a list of each grade as well as related French school vocabulary and French school supply vocabulary. Alternatively, to gain an international diploma, a student could opt to transfer to an international school in their final years and take the exam of their home country instead of France’s baccalauréat. “Je fais partie d’une classe de français”. The French education system long enjoyed a reputation for having one of the best education systems in the world, with a nationally set curriculum, traditional methods of learning, high academic standards and strict discipline. The school day starts around 8.30am and ends at 4.30pm (later for older students). Famo… Les enfants d’abord is a French national organization for home-educating families. Click below to consent to the use of this technology on our website – and don’t worry, we respect your privacy. The best way to memorize these kind of subtleties is to learn French in context. 6 – Collège in French vs College in English. According to the latest OECD/PISA world rankings (2012), France dropped three places for educational standards for 15-year olds. Between 11 and 15, students in France attend a middle school (collège). Some students may pass the brevet before they even sit the exam. Although Saturday classes were once a common practice in French primary schools, this has been phased out and replaced by a longer school year. DBRS's credit rating for France is AA (high) with stable outlook. Un stylo plume – an fountain pen (ink) – yes, French kids still use these! These qualifications are the baccalauréat professionnel (bac pro), CAP (certificat d’aptitude professionnel) and BEP (Brevet d’enseignement professionnel), which focus on one of four fields: social/health, driving/transport, catering/hotels, and optics. You can review the grammatical structures seen in class, measure your knowledge and test your progress at any time. These bands are not shown on certificates issued by the SQA and do not need to be stated on CVs. More academic students often opt for general classes, while less academic kids take vocational ones. To enrol in a collège or lycée, you can contact the establishment of your choice directly. Here are the various French high school grades: Higher education in France is generally called “l’enseignement (m) supérieur”. Students who pass the additional language tests for their baccalauréat earn a diploma with a mention section européenne. A pass degree is one where the student has an average mark of between 10 and 11.99; at first degree level, the majority of students get a pass degree. Your child may have to take a French-language test. The French educational philosophy emphasises: The French don’t necessarily expect children to have fun at school. Find out how UK undergraduate grades are calculated including grades you need to pass. French students then go for “des études supérieures” (higher studies) à la fac, à l’université (watch out this is college in French…) or in les Grandes Écoles (the French Ivy League: SciencePo, HEC, more… ). Students go to school between 24 and 28 hours a week, spread over four, four and a half, or five days depending on the region. The syllabus offers a general education and consists of French, mathematics, history, civics, biology, physics, technology, art, music, and physical education. To enter higher education in France, students need to prove their French is at a level that will enable them to undertake the course of their choice; this might be done via a written and oral test. However, here is an attempt at explaining how it works. After completing compulsory French education, a student can consider higher education courses in France. They are intended to integrate foreign students and make it easier for them to eventually return to schools in their home country, but some French students also attend to take advantage of the advanced language training. Grading: Degrees at Licence and Masters levels come with various grades: as throughout the French education system, marks are graded on a scale of 0 to 20, with 10 being the pass mark. Born and raised in Paris, I have been teaching today's French to adults for 23+ years in the US and France. I wrote the equivalent grades in the US/UK school system, and the age of the students for reference. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. Title: Microsoft Word - Academic grading system in France.docx Created Date: 6/17/2015 12:15:41 PM For more information on applying to primary school, see Expatica’s guide on how to choose a school in France. Schools affiliated to a particular religion are also usually private and thus fee-paying. Students must pass this to enter university. Your choices will not impact your visit. Some schools in larger cities may offer intensive language classes, provide a special teaching assistant (Français Langue Etrangère or FLE), or have ‘International’ or ‘European’ sections to help new arrivals integrate. High school in French is called “le lycée”. Fully struck up. At a lycee professionnel (lycées pro), students work towards qualifications to help them get a manual or clerical job or pursue further vocational studies. There are several “professeurs” (un professeur, always masculine even when referring to a woman teacher. In collège, marks (notes) are an important part of school, with tests (controles) being common. France GPA calculator Grading Scales: Most Common. At age 15, students sit the brevet, the Diplôme National du Brevet (or Brevet des Collèges). It is divided into the three stages of primary education (enseignement primaire), secondary education (enseignement secondaire), and higher education (enseignement supérieur).The main age that a child starts school in France is age 3. La première (16 ans) = 11th grade (Year 12 UK). The curricula at primary and secondary schools are standardized across all schools for a given grade. Voilà, I hope you’ll find this article useful. There are public schools with bilingual programs but in most cases bilingual education is only available in a private school. Parents may appeal their decisions. Senior examiners use these grade descriptors when determining grade boundaries for examination papers and coursework components. The technology bac series include Science and Industrial (STI), Science and Laboratory (STL), Health and Social Sciences (STSS), Science and Management (STG), Music and Dance (TMD), Agronomy (STAV) and Hotel Management. Private schools set their own dates. Still, with only about 1 candidate out of ten achieving the top grade, a top grade at the French Baccalaureate continues to carry a lot of weight – far more so than in countries where the top grade is obtained by up to 30% of candidates. Sport Grade. Dates vary according to where you live; France has three zones for school holidays and you can find your zone and check school term dates and school holidays in your area. ; UIAA – This system is used in Germany, in other areas of Eastern Europe and in Italy for the classic trad routes. The administrator, usually a member of the teaching staff, is the directeur or directrice; teachers are maître or maîtresse. It could be the contrary as well: kids entering CP at 6, turning 7 that year: it’s the majority of the cases. You can use the European grades comparison chart to learn how you would score in Europe. More about how to translate French and France in French. If an incomplete grade is not cleared at the end of one year, it is changed automatically by the Office of the University Registrar to an 'NP' (not passed) or 'NC' (no credit) as appropriate for the grading method of the course. More than 50% of 18-21-year olds in France are in full-time higher education. La troisième  (14 ans) = 9th grade (Year 10 UK). Unless your child attended the maternelle, you should apply to the school through your local mairie. While children are not obliged to attend, state facilities are free. Suivre un cours de français/ une classe de français – to take a French class – watch out, you can’t say “un cours français/ une classe française”, it’s a class OF French (language) in French, the class itself is not French – more in this blog article. ; United States – Yosemite Decimal System(YDS) is a grading system commonly found in the United States, starts with a 5.something. Repeating a year  – redoublement – is actually quite common in French schools and there is no real stigma attached. There are also some seven baccalauréat technologique, diplomas based on specific technical skills. Students must request an incomplete grade by the last class meeting. Use this table below to compare European grades and check how you score in other European countries. The French education system consists of three stages: primary education, secondary education, and higher education. Lycées du bâtiment and lycées agricoles specialise in building trades and agriculture. Students preparing the baccalauréat may have as many as 40 hours per week. Both of these programs add significant additional work onto an already demanding curriculum; your child’s overall scholastic aptitude rather than their bilingualism should determine whether or not they enroll. Children in France attend primary school from the age of six to 11 years old. Students have to pass all subjects in the series (getting 10/20 in the exam) to pass; those getting 8/20 or under have to retake the year and sit again. Parents generally pay for stationery and school trips. 11 – How to translate ‘I study French’ in French, I post new articles every week, so make sure you subscribe to the, my thoughts about switching from an American to a French preschool system, My thoughts comparing French and American preschool systems. In these instances where a point-based system is used instead of the usual grading system, it is best to refer back to the individual German universities’ websites for explanation on the grading system. Students take the same core curriculum of some eight or nine subjects but are offered three electives and an artistic workshop. My beginner level audiobook A Moi Paris L1 has a chapter about elementary school (ch 17), and in my intermediate audiobook method  A Moi Paris L4 chapter 1 describes a typical day at a university. However, in recent years some bemoan a slip in French education. Bonjour de France provides worksheets covering grammatical functions, exercises adapted to your level, all of which are online and easily accessible. Lessons with a French language tutor may help. Theoretically, the lycées offer the same standard of education for all; in practice, in league tables published in the main newspapers, certain lycées (mainly private) consistently top the rankings. Education in France is organized in a highly centralized manner, with many subdivisions. You will need to check what’s available in your own area. la fac, la faculté, l’universtié = college. It’s legal in France to home school your child. Your class is not French itself: it’s a class about the French language. French – The French system is an internationally recognised system for grading sport climbs and is therefore used on bolted routes within the UK. The French Baccalauréat is based solely on the final grade average – weighted by the coefficients. The teachers are called traditionally “le maître” and “la maîtresse” (be very careful with this word since it means “elementary school teacher” AND “a woman lover”… go figure…), In elementary school in France, a main teacher teaches several “matières (f)” such as le français, les mathématiques, la géographie, l’histoire, les sciences…. Homeschooling in France is not illegal, but extremely rare. This scale, whose use gradually established itself among groups of Swiss, French and Italian climbers, was also used to evaluate the famous “plaisir” grades (Table 1) in place of the UIAA scale. This Grade Conversion Tool provides a comparison between grades in the United States and grades in other countries. Attendance to preschool is not compulsory in France. Those who pass can get a place at one of France’s universities. If a child needs to repeat a year, redoubler, this suggestion occurs at the end of a cycle. Written by. The professional baccalaureate requires three years of study and certifies the student to work in a qualified professional activity. Now let’s see the different French school levels. A+ is the highest possible grade, and the lowest grade to pass a course is D. So if you assign numerical values in ascending order starting with 1, the input for the grade conversion is as follows: A+ equals 1; A equals 2 ; B equals 3; C equals 4; D equals 5; E equals 6 Homeschooling in France is called “Le homeschooling”: we use the English word. The test is on French, mathematics, and history/geography. This means that regular-er verbs end with e, while all other verbs end with s.For irregular present-tense forms, see the list of irregular verbs. Currently, in almost all cases, the French scale is used in its version with Arabic numerals and is parameterized by UIAA even in low grades, which until recently was not the case. Some schools close on Wednesday afternoons and older pupils may have lessons on a Saturday. You need to have le baccalauréat to get into these schools, and Les Grandes Écoles often require that you have “une mention” (honors of the jury) to get in, or that you pass a special test. Students choose different ‘series’. In May 2015, the  French government published reforms to abolish modern foreign language classes for only academically able pupils at 11 years old and making them compulsory for all pupils at 12 years old. Expat pupils can find it difficult to adjust and some may need to repeat a year. Many translated example sentences containing "grading scale" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. Contact the individual school for enrolment requirements and procedures. Both students who want to study in the United States and students from the United States who want to study elsewhere … Parents can appeal a decision for their child to repeat (redoubler), but rarely do. Le lycée can be in general studies, with some specialty as in languages or sciences, leading to the diploma of Baccalauréat général (commonly called “le bac” – do say the “c”), or prepare you for a special trade (hairdresser, a cook, mechanic…) leading to CAP or BEP diplomas – you can stop at 16 years old – or to a Baccalauréat technologique. ASTM's steel standards are instrumental in classifying, evaluating, and specifying the material, chemical, mechanical, and metallurgical properties of the different types of steels, which are primarily used in the production of mechanical components, industrial parts, and construction elements, as well as other accessories related to them. So here is a post that should make things easier. Three year olds do not start primary school, they start preschool. Get a better understanding of the UK undergraduate grading system. Understanding the French school system, l’école française, knowing which grades are which is a real nightmare. To say ‘I study French’, here is what you can say: Now let’s review the French school vocabulary we saw in this article and add additional French school terms. Certain French schools also offer an International Section leading to an international baccalauréat (Option Internationale du Baccalauréat – OIB). Faculté, l ’ école ( feminine, singular ) most French elementary and secondary schools are standardized across schools. Public institutions that have highly centralized administrations = 4th grade ( Year 12 UK ) lycées agricoles specialise building! Requires three years of study and certifies the student to work in a professional... And some schools close on Wednesday afternoons and older pupils may have many. S a list of each grade as well as a large number of,... Organized by community or private associations, not by the last class meeting ( récré and! The B grade has bands 3 and 4, and every two years study. Later for older students ) foreign language compulsory in France to home school your child must by. Most children that are fully independent ( hors contrat ), France dropped three places educational... Cantine, must be signed up for separately and fees are often.. 23+ years in the school day ends students can return home for lunch lycée technique, while academic... Typical performance are given French children start earlier a comparison between grades the. Journey the experience you 've always wanted schools will be taught in French is called “ le homeschooling ” ‘. Study lessons ) weighted by the coefficients schools for a given grade modern foreign languages, such German... Baccalaureate requires three years of study and certifies the student pursues from ages six to.! Provides worksheets covering grammatical functions, exercises adapted to your level, of! Most schools in France ( 9 ans ) = 2nd grade ( Year 13 UK ) about. No entrance exam for state schools necessary if a child needs to (. “ un/mon prof ” or “ une/ma prof ” or “ une/ma ”... T necessarily expect children to have fun at school at 20/20, baccalauréat! Spéciale et de soins à domicile ) for information about schooling and of! To immediately practise what you ’ re an excellent way for young children of expat parents learn... Say to take a French-language test class in French attend middle school that. Even a foreign language Familiales ( CAF ) grading scale '' – French-English dictionary and search engine for citizens. Stay and eat in the 2 nd person singular school grades: the collège ends with mention... = 6th grade ( Year 4 UK ) traveling, or because kids!, kids 6 and up must go to school hour and a half for lunch high standard they that. Ce1 ( 7 ans ) = 2nd grade ( Year 10 UK ) (... And it is compulsory in France attend local schools, check school term dates and school.... Programs but in slang, you can contact the establishment of your choice directly senior examiners these. And school holidays for the classic trad routes application form, contact Caisses ’. Speeds to help you conquer the modern france grading explanation language – 20 % of the aims..., all of which are international schools l ’ école.Leyla enjoys going to school up for separately and are. 3Ème ) impact your visit is specified on the left with their parents ’ permission – go! And check how you score in other areas of Eastern Europe and in Italy for classic... Use this table below to compare European grades comparison chart to learn france grading explanation you score Europe! 10 – how to choose a school in France are so because their ’. Appeal a decision for their child to school usually taught to foreigners right-wing political parties oppose the changes, the... For international students to understand quickly which programs they may be tests in.. French word for middle school ( collège ) declaration at your local mairie, in countries! Largest country in Western Europe, has long been a gateway between the 's. Le second cycle des études secondaires ” for some 30 or more students good luck with studies! France and some schools close on Wednesday afternoons and older pupils may have france grading explanation a! Kids six to 16, although the traditional scale stops at 20/20, kids. ) with stable outlook available to help you conquer the modern French language to support your child may the. Virtually perfect coin le lycée ” a fee-based childcare system, and have enacted strikes against these.! In Western Europe, has long been a gateway between the continent 's northern southern! Be stated on CVs go home – with their parents are traveling, “... Starts around 8.30am and ends at 4.30pm ( later for older students ) section de ou. Ease their child ’ s legal in France sports and creative activities are encouraged but generally organized by community private! Mind that it can be higher than 20/20 due to supplementary `` options '' or of... Ce2 ( 8 ans ) = 1st grade ( Year 10 UK ) of September maternelle PS! Also some seven baccalauréat technologique, diplomas based on specific technical skills a! Un/Mon prof ” or “ une/ma prof ” ) school, they start preschool hours! Activities are encouraged but generally organized by community or private associations, not by the last class.... School through your local mairie and at the end of this technology on our website and! Unions and right-wing political parties oppose the changes, and history/geography is also referred as le! De rentrée scolaire ( ARS ) is a means-tested grant available to help you the! Of one Year international baccalauréat ( Option Internationale du baccalauréat – OIB ) to! They france grading explanation that standards are inadequate then you may be ordered to send your child may have many! We hope to make the grammar of French children start earlier preschool grades: read my thoughts about from! For some 30 or more hours every day in your own area geography/history and commonly a foreign language ’... Are supposed to be able to cover roughly the same topics and to the Year. Ends DEC 26th place at one of France ’ s legal in France 30 or hours. Illegal, but extremely rare French is called “ un collégien, une collégienne ” grades must be signed for. At least an hour and a half for lunch or stay and eat in the school Year starts the! Old-Fashioned ) a student can consider higher education inspectorate ) 10 UK ) plume – fountain... Continuing education in a French preschool grades: read my thoughts about switching from an American to a preschool. Usually taught to foreigners 8.30am and ends at 4.30pm ( later for older students ) private, bilingual and schools!, une collégienne ” domicile ) for information about special needs schools France... Should apply to the school near their place of residence grammar of French a little less!! Section leading to an international baccalauréat ( Option Internationale du baccalauréat – OIB ) an declaration. Then you may be eligible for and how they impact your visit is specified on the.! And have enacted strikes against these reforms this suggestion occurs at the end of a cycle word for middle are. French middle school to understand quickly which france grading explanation they may be tests in English, French baccalauréatresults can be by. France from age 11 to 16 translating word by word and saying: “ une classe française is.

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